High-Speed Air Motor Milling Spindle
Fully Tool Changeable Air Motor Spindle For HSM Solutions
25,000(HPS250)&50,000(HPS500) min-1(rpm)
Meets micro mill and drill manufacturers spindle speed requirements for many applications where small hole drilling and light milling are required.
Uninterrupted Machining
Fully tool changeable spindles for transfer from the machine magazine to the main spindle without the need to connect the air supply
High Precision Spindle
All spindles are guaranteed to be less than 1μm T.I.R, in spindle taper allowing for excellent surface finish and extended tool life. True High Speed Machining can be achieved with the high speed and accuracy of the HPS250/500.
No Main Spindle Wear
Machines main spindle is used only to hold the HPS Spindle, providing longer main spindle life. Running a machine spindle at the machines maximum rpm for extended periods of time will severely affect the machines longevity.
Positioning Block
We provide the positioning block to mate the HPS spindle with the machine. Several designs are available depending on the machine manufacturer and machine model and year of manufacture.
HPS250/HPS500 Series Specifications
Speed 25,000min-1(rpm)(73PSI) for HPS250 /50,000min-1(rpm)(73PSI) for HPS500
Max. Output Power 77W(73PSI) for HPS250 / 51W(73PSI) for HPS500
Proper Air Pressure 73PSI
Air Consumption 6.36CFM for HPS250 /5.12CFM for HPS500
Spindle Accuracy Within 1μm
Collet(CHK-□□) Φ0.5mm-Φ6.35mm
Grindstone Arbor(AGM-03) For grinding wheel with I.D. of Φ5mm
HPS250 Series Torque-Speed Characteristics
HPS500 Series Torque-Speed Characteristics
Control System Chart
HPS Spindle Line-up
Positioning Block
■Generic Block
*Sub-plate to be prepared by the end-user to adjust distance between gauge line and spindle flange
Product Description CAT.No. Model
Block for BT30 Taper BLC1 GB30
Block for CAT40 Taper BLC2 GB40
*Order with a catalog number
■Special Block for Haas Machines
Product Description CAT.No. Model
Block for Haas Machine BLC3 SBHS
*Order with a catalog number
■Special Block for Fanuc Machines
Product Description CAT.No. Model
Block for Robodrill BLC4 SBFS
*Order with a catalog number
■Customized Special Block
Product Description CAT.No. Model
to be designed for your machine -- --
Air Line Kit Lubricating Oil
AL-0304 Air Line Kit For Φ6mm・Φ8mm Hose Filter Mesh0.3μm
AL-951 Air Line Kit For Φ6mm Hose Filter Mesh 5μm
K-211 Lubricating Oil 4oz.
K-202 Lubricating Oil 32oz.
*Order with a catalog number